Simplify the Process of Locating Electrical Boxes

Prevent Wire Damage

When used correctly and installed by an electrician, the PEBL protects wires from being cut or damaged when drywall is cut out.

It will also protect electrical boxes from being cut or filled with insulation, joint compound, and drywall dust.

Easily Locate Electrical Boxes

When the drywall is installed and the PEBL in place, it will show the exact location of every box covered by the sheeted drywall.

Electrical boxes no longer need to be marked and will not be covered up in the process.

Save Time and Money

The PEBL Tool will save time on marking electrical boxes and help prevent mistakes in drywall cut outs.

It also saves you money on locating and fixing covered electrical boxes, the cost of repairing damaged wires or boxes, and reduces the risk of fire hazards caused by damaged wires.

Never mark a box. Never miss a box. Never fix wires. Period.